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A new turning point in the transformation of injection molding

Release date:2017-04-19Clicks:Publisher:admin
At present, the development of the entire industrial production is characterized by many varieties of products, update faster, intense market competition. In order to meet the users of the mold manufacturing short delivery time, high precision, low cost of the urgent requirements, the mold will inevitably have the following trends:
The mold design is developed by the empirical design stage to the theoretical calculation and the calculator-aided design. The technology is widely used in the mold making industry, making the mold structure more scientific and reasonable, greatly improving the mold processing mold processing precision, shortening the mold design processing cycle, The product development time.
Multi-functional composite mold will be further developed. Multi-color and multi-material plastic molding mold will also have a faster development, this mold shortens the production cycle and assembly cycle, in the future will be in different areas of development and application.
With the development of hot runner technology, hot runner mold in the proportion of plastic mold will gradually increase. As the use of hot runner technology mold can improve the productivity and quality of parts, and can greatly save the parts of raw materials, therefore, hot runner technology developed rapidly in foreign countries, has been very common.
With the continuous improvement and development of plastic molding process, gas-assisted molds and high pressure injection molding process to adapt to the mold will be developed. The precision of the plastic parts is three kinds of precision, geometric precision and appearance precision (ie, gloss, color tone, etc.). In order to achieve these precision, the high pressure injection molding process and mold and injection compression molding process and mold will continue to be studied. In injection molding, the biggest factor affecting the accuracy of molding is the molding shrinkage, high pressure injection molding can reduce the resin shrinkage, increase the stability of plastic size. Mold requirements of good rigidity, high pressure, especially the precision mold cavity should be quenched, the gate seal is better, mold temperature should be accurately controlled.
Gas-assisted molding technology has been relatively mature, it can improve the quality and appearance of plastic parts, with low injection pressure, product deformation and easy to form a large difference between the advantages of wall products, and other advantages, and can save raw materials and improve parts productivity, Thus significantly reducing costs. Gas-assisted mold has appeared in our country, and achieved good results.
With the development of vehicles and motors and other products to the lightweight development, the proportion of die-casting mold will continue to rise, while the die-casting mold life and complexity will be more and more demanding.
With the plastic and steel to plastic and wood to further the development of the proportion of plastic mold will continue to improve, at the same time, due to the complexity of mechanical parts and precision of the continuous improvement of the requirements of the plastic mold will be higher and higher. Mold technology content will continue to improve, the proportion of high-grade molds continue to increase
In summary, the mold industry's development prospects are very good, you interested in the mold industry colleagues, let us learn for the country's mold development contribute to their own strength.