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Injection molding machine waste heat recovery energy saving program to achieve energy saving and environmental protection double effect

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Injection molding machine in the course of work, the heating ring in the melt tube heating, most of the heat directly distributed to the air, waste heat recycling less, the exhaust gas away part of the heat, these emissions are directly discharged into the atmosphere, both pollution The environment has lost more heat, while making thermal efficiency is low, equipment heat loss. Did not carry out any form of insulation, directly exposed to the atmosphere, the metal surface to the atmosphere exudes a lot of heat, pollution, waste gas is not any way to dust. Based on the previous research, this paper introduces a kind of device, which uses the waste heat from the outside of the collection tube to convert the heat energy of the dry plastic needed for the dryer to realize the double effect of saving energy and improving the environment.
On our planet, every day by the smoke away the huge heat, the pollution caused by the environment is amazing. Injection molding industry how to save energy and reduce emissions, improve the working environment, reduce the temperature of the injection workshop is a matter of concern. The waste heat recovery of the injection molding machine is an important aspect of energy conservation work, if the heat of all the flue gas are recycled, the economic benefits are very impressive.
1. Energy saving program
The existing injection molding machine is equipped with a drying machine for dehumidifying and drying plastic, and the heat is supplied by means of electric heating. The air discharged from the outlet of the insulated drying drum carries a certain amount of heat. If this part of the heat is directly discharged into the workshop, The area will increase the dust content of the workshop air and affect the health of the workers, on the other hand will increase the energy consumption and increase the economic burden of enterprises.
In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, there is provided a waste heat recovery thermal cycling device in which a waste heat collecting device is installed around the heating section of the melt cylinder, and the plastic in the drying drum is dried and dehumidified by the heat dissipated at work.
The hot air with a certain amount of water and dust is discharged from the pipe and enters the hot air circulation dehumidifying filter device 3 through the pipe. The hot air is partially heat-regulated by the heat source to adjust the fan 6 to provide heat for the hot gas in 1, The heat of the other part of the hot air and 2 after the heating of the gas through 5, which can be adjusted by the air flow rate of 6 within the temperature , Guarantee 4 corresponds to the actual set temperature. When the temperature within the 4 is lower than the set, 5 to send the signal to 6, increase the speed increase the output air volume, in the 6 drive effect, enter 4, by 2 high temperature air, 4 within the temperature rise, when 4 The temperature is higher than the set temperature, 5 send a signal to 6, reduce the speed of 6, reduce the output air volume, so enter the 4 high temperature gas reduction, 4 within the temperature drop.
Section of the device, 6 - heat source adjustment fan, 7 - heat pipe, 8 - heat source pipeline, 9 - auxiliary heating equipment.
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2. Economic Benefit Analysis
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2.1 Technical characteristics
(1) system power saving 15% to 35%, dryer more than 90%
(2) high temperature 270 ℃ ~ 280 ℃, low temperature -70 ℃;
(3) the production workshop temperature drop of up to 3 ° ~ 8 °, the working environment greatly improved;
(4) emissions than the conventional reduction of 45% to 50% and no SO2, fly ash, ash, NOx emissions are low;
(5) Tensile strength ≥ 0.02 MPa;
(6) corrosion-resistant, aging, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-oil, environmental protection, pollution
(7) easy to install, repair, good toughness, easy bending dressing;
(8) for different temperature, shape of the injection molding machine.
2.2 Case Study
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In view of this, greatly reducing the cost, saving the traditional dryer waste power distribution system capacity power, greatly improving the use of power, the extra power can be used as other equipment without the need to install the transformer, if the workshop needs to use air conditioning, It can save a lot of air conditioning costs; due to the waste heat of the melt barrel is recycled, independent installation of the double filter intake device, can make each injection molding machine will not be contaminated, and can completely filter the barrel Of the dust drift, to prevent the workshop gas pollution, the health of the staff play a protective role, the production plant temperature drop of up to 3 ° ~ 8 °, the real solution to the workshop high temperature problem, the staff in a comfortable working environment jobs.
3. Waste heat utilization problems and suggestions
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The problems are as follows.
(1) China's plastics processing enterprises throughout the country, but the uneven level of equipment and technology, many enterprises need to further technological transformation of equipment;
(2) the industry ban plastic sound endless, but in the rural market is still a lot of use of plastic products, compression costs have become the most important business development;
(3) due to the dissemination of information channels and enterprises lack of funds, greatly restricting the large-scale promotion of this technology, many companies lack of energy-saving technologies and clean development mechanism and other advanced mechanisms, domestic and foreign advanced technology service providers have no way to understand the situation of enterprises;
(4) high-temperature waste heat utilization technology has been more mature for many years, the success of the case also shows its economic benefits, but the potential of large and medium temperature waste heat utilization still need further development.
The corresponding recommendations are described below.
(1) production enterprises to the management and use of "proper use, scientific management, careful maintenance, regular maintenance, reasonable lubrication, planned maintenance, improve equipment in good condition, so that equipment in good condition;
(2) pollution of energy consumption is also the most important, the use of heat as one of the main force of energy conservation, should introduce more positive policies to give the appropriate financial support to guide enterprises in the waste heat recovery industry play an active role;
(3) to carry out research on waste heat resources, to collect relevant advanced technology, management and case to strengthen the dissemination of information to strengthen the research of low and medium heat and waste heat utilization technology to promote the application of waste heat technology.
(4) the proposed waste utilization potential of the enterprise, as far as possible the system to consider, the overall improvement, and pay attention to the fine use of automatic control system.